How does it work?

Global Dabu Realty representative will assess the property and make notes of it’s physical condition.

A property owner who do not have time to do the regular maintenance and upkeep of a property and it’s tenants needs a property manager. Here are some of the responsibilities we perform as a Property Manager.

o Seek a good and responsible tenant for the property.
o Draw up a lease agreement.
o Collects and deposit rent.
o Send out a monthly statement showing the collections and expenses.
o Deposit Landlord’s money to the bank.
o Hear tenants complaints and attends to them in a timely manner.
o Evict tenants who violate the lease agreement.
o Appear in court in behalf of the Landlord on any court appearance necessary.

A Property Management contract must be signed by the Owner/Landlord and the Office to initiate this job.

We currently managing 10 properties with 23 tenants from clients from Russia, France, Las Vegas, New York and New Jersey.

20 Unit Building- 41-47 Broadway.,Jersey City, NJ 07306

7 Family Building- 19 Van Wagenen Ave.,Jersey City, NJ 07306

374 Summit Ave.,Jersey City, NJ 07306

2787 John F Kennedy Blvd.,Jersey City, NJ 07306

For more information please contact:

Antonio Dabu

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